What type of positions does Terasoft offer?

Terasoft focuses on providing long and short-term technology talent for the IT, engineering, scientific and telecom industries.

Do you charge me a fee to find me a job?

No, there are no fees charged to our employees. We do charge a reasonable fee to our clients on temp to hire positions and direct hire positions.

How long does an assignment last?

Although we prefer to place our people in assignments that last for longer periods our assignments can last from several days to several weeks, several months, even several years! There are many deciding factors surrounding the length of an assignment.

Does Terasoft offer clerical or warehouse jobs?

Terasoft does not offer clerical or warehouse jobs. We specialize in technical positions in the IT, engineering, scientific and telecom industries.

What level jobs do you offer?

Terasoft typically has openings at the intermediate level (minimum three to five years experience), where the customer wants the candidate to hit the ground running. However, we often need to fill positions at higher (management) and lower levels.

What types of companies does Terasoft serve?

Terasoft works will companies of all sizes, including some of the largest and most respected organizations in the world. We also work with small- and mid-sized companies which utilize our services to propel their growth.

What benefits does Terasoft offer to their employees?


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