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We go beyond the buzz and translate acronyms like B2B, CRM, EAI, WAP and EDI into a particular benefit for your business.


Terasoft offers a full spectrum of professional services to include:


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Welcome to Terasoft International, Inc.
About us
We at Terasoft earned vertical niches in global industry through our ability to respond to our clients with custom solutions that resolve issues rather than conceal conceptual and architectural flaws with boiler-plate responses that never quite fit the client's need. Capability, ingenuity, response, and a commitment to excellence are the foundation of every Terasoft-Client relationship.
At Terasoft, we provide Concept-2-Completion services that position an organization to maximize the productivity of both technology and staff. We handpick best-in-class contributors, in order to provide world class innovative IT services for our fortune 500 client base in the areas of " just-in-time " staff supplementation, business solutions, and cost-effective outsourcing either onsite, offsite, or offshore.

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